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What's New on Life's Roller Coaster

Archetypes on the Midway

So I decided that I'd get off the roller coaster and walk down the midway! At a real live fair I used to love watching all the games and test out the mini donuts. There were so many things to choose from that could make my fair experience interesting. Over the last several months, perhaps

Up, Up and Away

No I'm not going to start singing! At the beginning of January I entered into a Service Canada program called the Self-Employment Program. It is one of many Federal Programs that they funnel money to the Provinces and then to organizations. I accessed this same program in 2008 when I started my Consulting Biz! It's

It’s the Small Things

You know how we tend to worry about the small things. You know, those pesky details, perhaps in our latest project at work: Did I do...? What if I didn't...? What if he/she/they forgot..? Or perhaps, Of course! It's my only day off in weeks and it's cloudy! Or, God! I wish he'd learn

Spring Has Sprung!

I know for some people that's enough to get them grouchy because with all the various tree pollens and the thought of Spring has them anticipating the stuffed up noses, plugged sinuses and overall misery. I feel for allergy suffers. I have some allergies. But mine happen in the winter months mostly. I have challenges

Saying Goodbye

It has been three months since I last wrote anything for my blog. I've been wrapped up in life and have neglected my Craft. And I can only offer excuses and not reasons for not taking 15 - 30 minutes - even every few days. Really! I love writing and the truth is I have

Where Have All the Writers Gone?

I’m often fascinated by numbers, especially when they show up like today’s date–06.01.06. It probably means absolutely nothing. On the other hand it can mean whatever someone wants it to mean. That’s when I really understand that we create our own reality–through interpretation. I can walk by a lady who has a glaring look and

Jeremiah 29:11 – A New View for Me

Over the last 5+ years there has been a verse from the Old Testament of the Bible that has come up again and again. I believe that it was being given to me by the Universe/God/Goddess/whatever your favourite title is. After the first couple of instances I had a knowing that this was a promise
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